We promise you that you will see a different life under the water. Don’t worry, you do not have to be professional or experienced to dive. There are professional teachers who will teach you how to and guide you all the day. You will definitely do diving again after this fantastic adventure.

We are organizing daily diving trips to all. We start in the morning, leave the harbour with our diving gullet and head to the diving point. On the way our professional trainers and teachers will teach you how to dive and give you information about the equipment and the diving area. During the dive our instructors will always watch you and guide you. After the fabulous dives we will turn back to harbour around 18:00.

Everybody is welcome on board. Even if you don’t want to dive but watch your family or friends diving, come with us. There is meal on the boat and PADI and BSAC dive courses are available too.

Follow us! You will tell your friends about the underwater life for many years…

Heyo! We are diving! What a nice experience. It's quiet and beautiful under the water.

Before your trip, please pay in advance by credit card or bank transfer or by cash on arrival