If you like to explore the area by your self, if you are tired of city life, looking for some nature and peaceful area, come join us. We will take you to a fantastic place where nature meets history, Kayakoy Ghost Village. Walk around, discover the area, visit the Ghost Town or just sit and relax with the beautfiul scenery of the valley.

Kayakoy, Ghost Town was a Greek and Turkish mixed town. During the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, all the Greek people were moved to Greece and the city stayed abandoned and untouched so far. After a walk around you can visit the pottery and relax by the pool side, have some delicious pancakes and chill out. Lunch, snacks, drinks are not included to the price, transfer, map and area information is included.

Chill out day at Ghost Town, Kayakoy. Discover the area by your self, walk around the pine forests for fresh air.

Before your trip, please pay in advance by credit card or bank transfer or by cash on arrival