This is a 2 days tour. First day we will visit Ephesus which is a classical city of Romans in Mediterranean and one of the best place in the world to feel the atmosphere of Roman days. You will explore the ancient city by your self or follow our guide who will tell the whole story of the city and life of 2.000 years ago. The Temple of Artemis which is one of the worlds seven wonders will be waiting for you. And the famous Library of Celsius.

Ephesus is an important ancient city for World Heritage. Alexander the Great has visited this magnificent city and financially helped to construction of the temple of Artemis. First day also includes the marble avenue and the ancient theatre which has the capacity of 25,000 people.

We will have the half board accommodation after the 1 day.

Second day will be as good as the first day. The eight wonder of the natural world, Pamukkale will be there to amaze you. Check the photos up and you will understand what we mean. Natural pools or basins on the side of a cliff and frozen limestone waterfalls dazzling in their radiance. After this surprising natural beauty you will visit the next stop where you will feel younger and stronger. Cleopatra’s therapeutic bath. We are not sure if you will feel younger but we are truly sure that you will enjoy and love this tour!

The Library of Celsus, The Temple of Artemis, The Odeon, The Temple of Hadrian, The Temple of Domitian, The Tomb/Fountain of Pollio.

Before your trip, please pay in advance by credit card or bank transfer or by cash on arrival