Hamam is a famous tradition of Ottoman and Turkey for centuries. Its known as Turkish Bath all over the world. Hamam starts with a relaxation in a warm room. Here you will relax get get ready for a real bath. Than bather will move to main section where there is a marble area thay you lay on it. Be careful its hot. Here you will sweat and be ready for a full body wash.

You can ask for a massage and soap massage. After the massage you will move to hot water taps and get cleaned. Final should be with a cold water wash and cooling room later. Optionally you may have peeling masks, oil massage, face and body masks and more for beauty. Our price includes the entrance and the regular bath. Soap wash, massage and masks are extra. We must leave a note that its best to start your holiday with a Hamam, so the sun tan you will have will last longer.

An Ottoman Empire tradition. Hamam! Great for a fresh start to your holiday.